MovieStarPlanet Hack for free StarCoins, Diamonds and VIP membership

Author: Jolly Coen; Last updated: September 7th, 2016

MSP Hacked by SC
Boost your gaming experience with our new MovieStarPlanet Hack! Finally, a working MSP hack which will allow you to become a VIP member, generate you unlimited amounts of StarCoins and Diamonds for free.
Simply follow the instructions given bellow and within a few seconds you will enjoy all the benefits this game has to offer, without spending a dime.

Generator server status: Online, last checked 23 minutes ago.

Our reasons for creating the MSP hack

We must admit that we are not the hugest fans of this game. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not because MSP is bad game, quite the contrary we think it’s a fantastic game, but we tend to gravitate towards combat and strategy games. Nonetheless, we’ve created this MSP hack upon the requests of its fans. And because we firmly stand behind our beliefs, the concept of the games nowadays is simply not constructed to be fair.
What we mean by this, is that you must spend ridicules amount of money or time in order to level up or progress. Plus the players which will spend money on the game purchasing additional items will always have advantage over those which won’t or can’t.

Therefore we decided to help our fellow gamers by creating this wonderful MSP hack which will generate you free StarCoins and Diamonds, plus it will give you the opportunity to unlock the STAR VIP membership status. Thus you will get access to all the premium items like clothing, more fame, decorations in artbooks, animations, exclusive VIP shop items, bonus StarCoins and much more. And the best part is – it’s all for free. This is why our MovieStarPlanet Hack is the best one you can find.

Now, you must be wondering why on earth will we give it for free. Well, as mentioned above we believe in fairness and sharing. If we can do it, why not share it with the rest of the gamers which can’t afford to spend real money on a game. Plus the more satisfied users we have the more we build our name and gain respect in the hackers’ community. So, as you can see everybody wins.

How the MSP cheat works?

Who cares? It simply does! If we must describe the whole process of creating this cheat you will be ‘’lost in translation’’ because we would have to use a lot of programming language and terminology when there is really no need for that. Plus, we wouldn’t want to give away our secret. So, basically all you need to know is that we’ve written an algorithm which was later integrated in the process of giving and receiving information between the game servers. This way the algorithm is cheating the game servers in a way that allows us to extract the resources we want to transfer to certain accounts. Then the resources will appear to the given account just as if they have been purchased regularly.

Also we’ve incorporated safety anti-ban system that guaranties invisibility for our users, meaning that there is no way for you to get caught or banned from the game. In other words, you will be able to have all the resources that you want for free, without anyone having a clue that you haven’t paid for them. Safety is our number one priority and we wouldn’t want to raise any red flags which might ruin our reputation. Thus, by choosing our MovieStarPlanet cheats your account is safe and secured.

What do you get out of the MSP Hack

The list with benefits you get when using this MovieStarPlanet hack is quite extended. You have the option to generate free StarCoins and Diamonds which are used for buying almost everything in this game. Then, what’s even more cool is that you can upgrade your account to a STAR VIP status (also for free) and you can have access to all the limited and premium items that only players who spend ridicules amount of money on this game have. But most importantly, thanks to our premium proxy support system, your account will be completely safe without any risk of being banned, so feel free to use the hack as many times as you want.

Therefore we believe that this is just what you need to improve your gaming experience, and enjoy your game with no limitations at all. Plus it is free, simple to use and it will take only a few seconds of your time.

Quick Note

P.S. Just a quick note: try to use the hack thoughtfully. We recommend not using it more than once per day, because, as we’ve mentioned above, we don’t want to raise any red flags and get noticed by the game administrators. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


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